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See how a Simple Stock Option Strategy can Double an Account in 12 Months!

Account Value on 1/1/2022$10,000
Account Value on 1/8/2022$10,238
Goal by 12/31/22:$20,000
Remaining $ to Goal:$9,762


Stock Name
Stock SymbolStrike Price
ContractsCreditBuying PowerROI%Date ExpiryStatus
IBMIBM140/13510779238.3410/8Looks to close worthless 🙂
US SteelX24/2320349663.5210/8Out of the money - looking to roll to 10/8
10/8Looks to Close Worthless

We make understanding stock options simple

Trading options in the stock market can seem intimidating. But it doesn't have to be. We use one simple options trade that allows us to make modest profits over a specific time-frame. And best of all, we know exactly what the risk is on each trade. Unlike buying stocks, which is a gamble from the minute the trade executes, this simple stock option trade allows us to make money even if the stock goes against us.